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Designer: Francesco Maccario

Descriptor: Unique experimental sampler and sequencer (AUX-Seq) which enables the user to manipulate and record single samples or entire folders of samples through gesture, randomness and modulation.

Platform: Standalone & Ableton M4L software for Mac Osx & PC Windows

AUXTURE is a unique exploratory sampler and sequencer (AUX-Seq) which enables the user to manipulate and record single samples or entire folders of samples through gesture, randomness and modulation. Unexpected results are achieved via the audio exploration of single samples or entire folders through gestures, randomness and modulation. The software comes bundled with a ‘Sample’ folder containing over 100 free to use samples.

When AUXTURE receives a note, it applies an exploratory set of processes resulting in unique outputs based on unexpected outcomes or happy accidents applied to your sample set.

To purchase and for more information, manual and demo videos please visit the release page.



Designer: Christopher Hipgrave & Niccolò Granieri

Graphic Artist: Mike Podolak

Descriptor: Ambient is a unique ambient soundscape generator capable of producing a vast array of audio textures, from the bizarre to the beautiful. It works by processing any sound you care to load into it. The possibilities are endless.

Platform: Standalone software for Mac Osx & PC Windows

Ambient is a multi-effect standalone software module featuring:

  • Granular sampler with random pitch function
  • Amplitude envelope with a trigger speed control
  • Three pitch shift controls for adding extra layers
  • Tape delay
  • Multi-mode filter
  • Ambient reverb
  • MIDI learn

To purchase and for more information & sound demos please visit the release page.

Lissajous Logo


Designer: Sineraw

Descriptor: Lissajous is a real-time Max4Live (Ableton) audio reactive graphics application - inspired by the work of Jules Antoine Lissajous. The software creates a universe of shapes.

Platform: Ableton M4L software

The media project is born with the purpose of investigating the relationship between sound and vision, chaos and order, closely related to astronomy, mathematics & physics. It explores the field of harmony and disorder and let the user dip into an elegant, dreamlike, minimalistic yet chaotic space which reflects the complex rules of the universe in all its abstract beauty.

The software shows sound oscillations as XY matrix functions and creates complex graphics curves. Lissajous graphically describes sound and allow observation of constantly varying signal voltage of two audio signals as function of time. Video generated by sound can be controlled in endless ways by giving to the user the possibility of a whole-new range of interactions.

L-Scope is a real-time audio visualizer that works within M4L and acts like an oscilloscope in XY mode and reacts with any given audio input signal. L-Scope comes as part of the Lissajous M4L bundle.

To purchase and for more information, manual and demo videos please visit the release page.



Designer: Szymon Kaliski

Freeware: Download HERE

Descriptor: M4L-Bulbs is pack of five Max 4 Live plugins that work inside Ableton Live. They are designed to provide the quick creation of interesting sounds using a technique called spectral processing. Sound is treated like a video stream, processed,
and then turned back into audio.

Platform: Ableton M4L software

M4L Bulbs includes five plugins:

  • Convolver
  • Distancer
  • Slower
  • Slider
  • Spectral Filter

For more information please visit the release page.



Designer: x|k

Freeware: Download HERE

Descriptor: Sophia excels in creating intriguing ambiences and modulated sound effects. The initial sound generation results from the accumulation of 4 oscillators and a sub-harmonic wave table. Multiple stages of delay and reverb combine with various low pass / band pass filtering controlled by an LFO network. In addition, two separate low pass filters are after the output stage of channels 1/3 2/4 respectively.

Platform: Standalone software for PC Windows

All sound processing & signal generation is connected to the master LFO network (parameter blast-m). The LFO network makes it easy to modulate any key parameter without using external MIDI controller modulation. However, all of ABV4 Sophia's parameters are controllable via MIDI control change messages.

You can find an entire album made with SOPHIA by artist Fabio Keiner his bandacmp page HERE



Designer: x|k

Freeware: Download HERE

Descriptor: ABVSTI is a virtual studio synth. This sound generator is designed to plug into your studio environment and deliver some Audiobulb acoustic elements. The ABVSTI responds to midi-control data for parameter automation and patch changes.

Platform: Standalone software for PC Windows

The Audiobulb inspired control parameters are as follows:

  • Bttack (cc 73 - attack): A weak attack modulation on the ASDR but also tied to the portamento, so tweak for acid-room.
  • Eecay (cc 75 - decay): Tied to the Decay, Sustain and Release, also tied to an kind of added in VCF thing.
  • Filter (cc 74 - filter): A basic lowpass, the resonance is tied to something else but if you need more signal pump up the volume.
  • Volume (cc 07 - volume): The only way to turn down the noise however the volume level also seems to effect the way Disastrato, Room, and Prhizzm, Something, & Legs respond.
  • Something (cc 13 - fx control 2): Something subtle, tied into the delay mech.
  • Legs (cc 70 - sustain): Delay feedback time dial, however the parameter is also modified by, Disastrato and I think either Room, or Prhizzm as well.
  • Disastrato (cc 71 - resonance): An osc/lfo that has some great sounds when changing the disaster ratio.
  • Room (cc 72 - release): Brings in some FM, but the Disastrato/Room/Prhizzm sound is all inter-related and effect each other.
  • Prhizzm (cc 01 - mod wheel): More Prhizzm gets you up into wave like tones, pull back on Prhizzm to get some more almost melodic loops, the sustain from the played notes tends to meld together and add more musical base for the loops.
  • Emma (cc 12 - fx control 1): A combined ring-type feature that is after the filter stage, also after the delay stage, and you can get nice ringy drones out of Emma, however Emma responds directly to Disastrato + Room.
  • Prhizzm, as the combined forces of these parameters = Emma.