Isik Kural

Isik Kural is a songwriter from Istanbul who enjoys ambient synths and field recordings. His debut album “as flurries” came out on Italian cassette label, Almost Halloween Time Records in 2019. Isik currently lives in Glasgow.

Maya's Night

Maya’s Night started with me trying to create a soundtrack for the film “Very Eye of Night” by Maya Deren.

Afterwards, I decided to create an album with each track as a different scene for an imaginary film called “Maya’s Night”.

Without a specific narrative it follows the adventures of Maya through her memories and dreams. Main instruments used were Prophet 08, Waldorf Blofeld, Yamaha Reface CS and Vector synthesizers with field recordings.

・Written and produced by Isik Kural
・Album cover by Emer Tumilty

Cat: AB107

Release date: April 2021



  1. LaptrinhX - Music Preview

    But what if one lives in the Southern Hemisphere, or doesn’t want to leave the cold?  We recommend Maya’s Night by Isik Kural, whose twinkling sound decorate tracks like “January, February” and “Winter in a Cassette.”  Kural’s last album was titled as flurries, so we detect a theme (Audiobulb, March 31).

  2. Silence and Sound

    Maya’s Night was born out of a desire to compose music for the short film Very Eye Of NIght by experimental director Maya Deren. Isik Kural got caught up in the game and decided to take it a step further, to write songs for an imaginary film bearing the title of the album.

    The Turkish composer based in Glasgow delivers a dreamy snapshot, made of soap bubbles and dancing sparks, revealing an aerial world of sweet traveling melancholy, coated with almost childish naivety.

    Maya’s Night amazes the senses, ripples on xylophone stars and rainbow pianos. The notes are deposited with humility on colors spread with simplicity. Minimalism is part of the DNA of each title, taking different forms while respecting some form of continuity.

    Isik Kural dresses the images he imagines with melodies dancing on balancing peaks, he lets his music float in a weightless cosmos, releases quiet forces to invade with their peaceful waves, imaginary stories connected by a force greater than comprehension. Magic.