Tomo-Nakaguchi is musician / sound artist living in Yokohama, Japan.

He is a member of experimental rock band "1769" and multimedia group "skyward photo film". His work creates dreamy and warm texture use layers of modulated acoustic / electric guitar, sampler, broken tape machine, field recordings and many instruments sound.


The tracks on this album were composed from 2005 to 2019 and almost every them recorded or re-recorded between 2018 and 2020. Tomo-Nakaguchi created a flood of sounds by processed guitars, synthesizers, chopped loops, smartphone apps sound and more. He aimed to create a sound that blends chaos and beauty on this album.

・Produced by Tomo-Nakaguchi
・Album cover by Asuka Takemoto

Cat: AB104

Release date: Jan 2021



  1. A Closer Listen

    Smile is a fitting title for the new nature-inspired set from Tomo-Nakaguchi, which includes twinkling studies of fireflies, leaves and drift ice (Audiobulb, January 6).