A Dancing Beggar

A Dancing Beggar

We haven't heard any noise from A Dancing Beggar in over 5 years. Now the South Coast composer returns with  Homemade Recordings 2009 – 2012. HR 2009 - 2012 collates A Dancing Beggar's very first EP and debut album as well as remixes of original songs from his first Audiobulb release - Follow the Dark as If It Were Light.


Homemade Recordings 2009 - 2012

The project began in early 2009 when How They Grow was self-released.  Recorded in Brighton, the EP has been described as 'unbearably beautiful' and a 'post rock treat' (Stool Pigeon) - a sign of things to come later that year.  What We Left Behind followed in September after a hazy summer of field recordings and bedroom productions.  If How They Grow was a reflection of a stormy winter, channelled through crescendo driven shoegaze and crashing drums, What We Left Behind was the result of long sunny days, jangling acoustic guitars with a steadier theme.  Subba Cultcha awarded the album 10/10 simply declaring it 'staggering'.  This new found self-restraint would lead A Dancing Beggar to a more ambient, droney sound which culminated in Follow the Dark as If It Were Light.  After the much acclaimed Audiobulb debut, respected artists including Kontakte and Franz Kirmann contributed to a selection of remixes which were released along with a new song, Ghosts.

It's nearly a decade since A Dancing Beggar began putting his ideas to tape, now these timeless sounds are finally available for everybody to take in.

AB071 | June 2017



  1. Beach Sloth

    A Dancing Beggar’s “Homemade Recordings 2009 – 2012” perfectly synthesizes post-rock, dance, and shoegaze into a tender compelling whole. Reminiscent of artists like Seefeel and Ulrich Schnauss, there is something so intriguing about the way that the songs unfold. Feel of soulful melodies and soothing waves of sound, this is an album to get lost in, moving deeper into the unique universe A Dancing Beggar has crafted. Throughout the album, the way that tempos appear to drift more than drive adds to the psychedelic sheen that graces the entirety of the collection.

    “Ghosts” starts things with an expansive drone whose exploration of texture feels so rich and elaborate. Beats churn about on the industrially-tinged “Returning” whose melody adds to the tragic sensibility that informs the track. One of the highlights of the album is the lovely distortion laden work of “Stars Bring Us Closer”. With clever melodic arrangements, the song feels so calming. A psychedelic folk spirit is imbued into the pastoral “Sand Between Our Toes”. Almost poppy in nature is the light and airy “Dawn Breaks, New Beginnings”. Stripped down to the absolute essentials is the intimate “How They Grow” where A Dancing Bear utilizes echo to great effect. Many layers converge on the ornate “If These Walls Could Talk” where the buildup has a cathartic quality to it. Ending things on a relaxed note is the serene “I’ve Washed My Hands of This”.

    With “Homemade Recordings 2009 – 2012” A Dancing Beggar delivers something that feels timeless and infinitely tasteful.