Evidence of Intense Beauty

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Lissajous - A Universe of Shapes

"Lissajous is a real-time audio reactive graphics application built in Max/MSP and inspired by the work of Jules Antoine Lissajous. It explores the field of harmony and disorder and let the user dip into an elegant, dreamlike, minimalistic yet chaotic space which reflects the complex rules of the universe in all its abstract beauty."

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Evidence of Intense Beauty

Correspondence - Wave Recital

"Correspondence taps into a celestial universe on the Steve Reich inspired “Wave Recital”. Elegantly executed the songs drift by as if in a glorious reverie. By opting for such clean simple tones the songs possess a light and airy spirit. Melodies emerge out of the many layers of sound working together. The entire album feels nearly weightless as times for the quiet joy and optimism that inform the album are without peer. "

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Invisible Kin

Homemade Recordings

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Homemade Recordings 09 - 12


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AB074: Build Buildings - Glass

AB075: Jules - Adventures & Explorations (Volume 1)