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Michael Peters & Fabio Anile - Presence

"The music is never really dark, which is a rarity among ambient music it seems, without being very new age; here, another Eno rule is observed; the music can be both enjoyed as well as ignored like all good ambient music should be. I wouldn't have minded if some of the shorter pieces were a bit longer and then we have fewer pieces here, but it would not make a difference for the variety of ambient interests on offer. Sometimes piano and guitar are easily recognized, and sometimes not at all. It is the two parameters between which all of these pieces seem to move. This is music for a lovely Sunday afternoon, at home with a book."




AMBIENT - v4 - paint with sound

"Unique standalone audio processing software capable of producing radically transformed audio, sound sculpting and design. Paint with sound ... AMBIENT – v4 is a unique ambient soundscape generator capable of producing a vast array of ambient textures, from the bizarre to the beautiful."





Lissajous - A Universe of Shapes

"Lissajous is a real-time audio reactive graphics application for MaxForLive and inspired by the work of Jules Antoine Lissajous. It explores the field of harmony and disorder and let the user dip into an elegant, dreamlike, minimalistic yet chaotic space which reflects the complex rules of the universe in all its abstract beauty."




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Darren McClure

A Mere Fraction

Wil Bolton


Neuro... No Neuro











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