M4L-Bulbs | Max 4 Live Software

 Cat: AB-M4L-Bulbs
 Time: November 11
 Media: Max 4 Live Software
 Version: 1.1

 M4L-Bulbs is pack of five Max 4 Live plugins that 
 work inside Ableton Live. They are designed to 
 provide the quick creation of interesting sounds 
 using a technique called spectral processing. 
 Sound is treated like a video stream, processed, 
 and then turned back into audio.
 Software Designer: Szymon Kaliski
Info/Press Release: Download Freeware: Download HERE M4L Bulbs includes five plugins:
+ Convolver
+ Distancer
+ Slower
+ Slider
+ Spectral Filter For more information please download the press release.
    Rene Margraff (Pillowdiver) - No Effects 
 + Field Recording
 + Guitar

   Szymon Kaliski - No Effects
+ Field Recording
+ Guitar
+ Piano 1
+ Piano 2
+ Vinyl Cracks
+ Violin Loop
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