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The Hole Punch Generation

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 Cat: AB034
 Time: 28th February 2011
 Media: CD & Digital Download

 Info:  The Hole Punch Generation have been together 
 for five years having formed in Boston, USA. Their 
 music is defined by it's intensity and beauty and has 
 been compared to bands such as Radiohead, Coldplay,
 Arcade Fire & Sigur Ros. Each track soars and glides
 across manipulated electronics, shoegaze guitar riffs 
 and the unique outpouring of Balthrop’s unique falsetto 
 vocals. Throughout, the pure emotional rawness of the 
 music shines through. 

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 01. Don't' Go 
 02. They're On To Me
 03. Shallow
 04. Strap Up
 05. Conversations 
 06. Run
 07. Reprise
 08. Stoned 
 09. Masquerades
 10. The Morning After 
 11. Buried Alive
 12. Coyotes
VIDEO | Conversations

QUESTIONS | The Hole Punch Generation

 1. Who are you? 
 The Hole Punch Generation are Patrick Balthrop, Caleb 
 Epps, and Adam Sturtevant.

 2. Why do you write music? 
 We can't imagine not writing music. We write music 
 simply because we have to.

 3. How would you describe your music? 
 Our music is a thick stew of everything we have 
 heard up until we pressed record. Electronic 
 shoegaze for the genre-obsessed.

 4. What does this album mean to you? 
 This album is the culmination of five years of songs, 
 sounds, software, and instruments. Each song has 
 been rewritten and re-recorded at least five times. 
 Each patch went through extensive re-working and 
 re-jiggering. It is a labor of love. And in the end, we 
 can only hope the music speaks for itself.

 5. Can you elaborate on some of your creative 
 Our music always begins with song: words set to 
 music. After a song is written, we begin to explore 
 production in the studio. This aspect of our work is
 lengthy. Alternate guitar tunings passed through 
 SuperCollider, Max/MSP, and Reaktor patches. 
 Analog synthesizer patches made and printed. 
 Game Boy sound chips hacked for textures we 
 couldn't find anywhere else. Toy pianos bought and 
 broken as we beat out melodies. Strings arranged 
 then re-arranged. Field recordings and sound 
 designs chopped up live using Monomes. Bass lines 
 passed through fuzz pedals. All set to improvised 
 drum takes played live in the studio. One strict rule 
 we adhere to: If we can't do it live, we don't do it in
 the studio. 

 6. What are your future plans? 
 We plan on playing shows and touring to support 
 our release. Some of our favorite electronic 
 musicians are hard at work on remixes of our 
 songs. And we are hard at work in the studio 
 sketching songs, sounds, and software for our 
 follow up album.

VIDEO | Conversations
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